Sensory Sharpening Workshop

In this unique workshop, wine tastes different. Experience wines above the level of those we regularly drink, and experience them in a new way.

Discover how our senses of taste, smell and vision help reveal the subtleties hidden in the wine - and in our own memories. Experience first hand how these subtleties inspire us to unlock and appreciate whole new dimensions in drinking wine.

Also learn about the production process, from grape growing in the vineyard through to the final blending.

The workshop is accompanied by wine tasting.

Wine and Grape Growing Lecture

Take a wine journey across Israel and/or around the world. Learn about different growing areas and how they affect the types, tasates and quality of the wine produced in each.

The Wineries of Northern Israel

Let me take you on a private visit to some of my favorite wineries in the Galilee of Israel.

  • Taste the best of our award-winning boutique wineries.

  • Meet the fascinating winemakers who have made the Galilee such a vibrant center of wine culture.

  • Tour the vineyards -- and of course, taste great wine and eat great food along the way.

Personal Private Label Wines

Allow me to make you a personal wine under your own private brand. Whether it’s for a really special occasion or to fulfill a long-held dream, a private label wine in your own name is a thing of unique joy - especially as I can make it to match your particular taste and preference. Join me throughout the entire wine production process, from the vintage to the bottling.